Make exercise a habit - not a chore

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There are plenty of reasons why we don't exercise enough - too tired, no time, lack of confidence. However, if you want to improve your health and work to keep problems like heart disease and diabetes at bay, then you've got to accept the fact that physical activity has a part to play. 

According to Slimming World, it's really important to make exercise enjoyable. The more fun it is, the more likely you are to do it, right? If you hate going to the gym and can't stand jogging, then think of something else to do. Why not try dancing, swimming or even gardening? 

"Whether it's going for a ten minute walk through the park, getting out your exercise DVD at home, getting together with a group of friends for a kick-about or going swimming with the kids, the most important thing is to build moderate activity into your regular routine so that it becomes a lifetime habit, not a chore," a spokesperson for the organisation commented.

She added that support can be a big factor when it comes to exercise. Starting a new regime with a friend or family member can be a great idea. You're much more likely to stay committed if you feel like you're letting someone else down by giving up. It's amazing what a big impact having someone to challenge and motivate you can have.

It's not always easy to find an hour for a walk or 45 minutes for an aerobics class, so be flexible as far as your routine is concerned. Going for a 15-minute stroll is better than nothing and dancing around your living room to a few songs might not have a major impact, but you will burn a hundred calories or so.

Build physical activity into your day and get into the habit of exercising more regularly. Every time you walk towards your car, ask yourself whether the journey is really necessary. If you're only nipping to the shop, then walk and make a commitment not to drive unless you really have to. Soon you'll be exercising without realising it and finding that it actually becomes an enjoyable part of your life - certainly not a chore.